Depression is like cancer, very few people manage to survive or get rid of that. It makes you feel sick, all the time sometimes you feel that finally disappears but returns to you making you suffer twice as much as you already suffered and adults or even their own parents same blame adolescense, and yes, sometimes it can be the fault of that but not all cases. We are not all the same, we don't suffer the same problems, we don't all suffer in the same way and take it as something temporary, but what if it is not? What happends if it is something that decides to stay forever?
Depression is something that should be treated in some way, because it makes you see that you have no one with you, that everything you do is in vain, the depression can be as serious as cancer because it can also kill you but like cancer, depression also has treatment. Please don't let in win and of course for those who suffer this may be something that you think is not useful but don't let depression ake you believe that there is not cure.