"we are all beautiful
the greatest tragedy is convinced we are not." Rupi Kaur

It's true the world can be an ugly place to shame others for being different. You can be beautiful in many ways: you can have a beautiful soul, a beautiful heart, but not everyone are blessed with physical beauty.

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We have to be honest here, you at least know someone who doesn't think they are physically beautiful/attractive. They might not fit the standard of beauty by others, or they are not satisfy with their appearance. Don't stop loving yourself because of your flaws.

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When I point out my physical flaws to others they would tell me "you are perfect" or something along that line. People might get the wrong impression when I said that. This doesn't mean I stop loving myself because some flaws. I'm still me but I want to make a change for myself.

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I'm against the idea that you should not change your appearance because you were born with it. If those features make you feel insecure, and less confident make changes for your life. Please yourself first. Making changes to your physical doesn't mean you do not your own skin, you want to love yourself more.

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There are many people who use makeup to cover their imperfections: contour to make your face more sharper, outline lips for fuller lips appearance, or simply as covering under eye shadows. Many turned to make up to enhance their features or use it to transform your looks. Makeup is not a permanent solution. Makeup personally make me feel much happier, I can add many colors to my life, add some glitters/shimmers to my face. I feel like a different person.

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Makeup is not a permanent solution for everyone. People turn to plastic surgery to fix their problems like: have better body, to make their burn marks go away ... There are more alternatives out there to make you feel more happy with who you are to be true to yourself. You know what is best for yourself don't let others decide your life for you.

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To some people small aspect of their outer features might not mean much but you don't have to be the same. If you feel uncomfortable with long hair don't listen to others and just cut it like how you would want it.

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We can be beautiful but not perfect, never enough, because you can't measure up the standards of others. There will be flaws but you know what makes you happy. Keep embracing it. Look beautiful and be happy. Be happy by being true to yourself. You might fake the perfect look for others, at least be naked with yourself.