Okay so no.

See that title up there? Yeah, well it's not a hundred percent true. Procrastination hasn't just 'taken hold' it's probably more accurate to say that it's just gotten far worse? I think we all procrastinate, at least a little bit. But that being said, the difference between the procrastination most people have and the thing that I've got is that well... mine borders on ridiculous. I am not joking when I say it could very nearly ruin my life.

I think everyone experiences the whole 'I don't wanna do this just yet, probably should but meh I'll watch two episode of [ insert favourite TV show here ] and then do it afterwards. See that? Yeah, I wish that was what I did. A situation like that proves that you've actually got self control. Something I'm really lacking in...

You see, procrastination for me is like a chronic condition. I am that person who says that they'll do something at twelve and nine out of ten times I don't. I don't know how this began happening but, say I have to do something at twelve and I check my phone and the time just so happens to be 12:01, any sane person would say 'okay, time to start', right? WRONG. Somehow, subconsciously I have managed to trick myself into thinking that I must now wait until 1:00 until I dare start.

Yes... I know. I see the way yoy're looking at me and no you didn't just mishear me. That is literally what I said...

Oh! one hour procrastination, you're probably thinking, 'oh that's not so bad!' But oh no, no no, this honestly goes on for hours... say I miss that 1:00 mark I WILL wait until 2:00 ticks around... This coupled with all my other methods for expert procrastination create a wounderful little world of putting off everything important.

Why is this? Am I really that lazy? Apparently so.

I mean. The fact that I would rather spend hours doing absolutely nothing, instead of productive things that I really need to get done? That just takes lazy to a completely new level.

That alone is bad enough as it is, but that's not even the half of it... If it was I'd probably be getting a lot more done than I currently am...The issue here is that it's not just work and chores that I put off, it's things that I enjoy doing, like texting or blogging here... Cough, haven't uploaded anything since last Summer That's pretty bad! But in fairness I had exams to study for during the school year. (Soz.)

Seriously though, you know that your procrastination is bad when you start putting off texting people back... for days. The worst thing is, I don't even mean to. This has gotten to the stage that I have literally lost friends over this and it is not okay!

Here's how it normally goes down. Typically, I'm reading something or watching roughly the seventh episode of a TV show in a row when ting (Me trying to imitate the Facebook ping), I get a text. generally I drag down my notification thingy from the top of the screen, I read the text (or well as much of the text as it will show me) Yes, I am one of those people... but anyway I read the text and for no apparent reason I think to myself, hmmmm yep, I'll reply to that in a few minutes. Then I'll go back to whatever it was I was doing before and get completely wrapped up in it again... Next thing you know it's 2025 and my friend thinks I dead because guess what? I forgot to reply! I'm not even joking when I say that this happens on a daily basis... Sighs

This has actually gotten so bad that Morgan Freeman, the man that I, 100 percent believe to be god has told me so... I mean seriously? You know things have taken a turn, when the big man himself is throwing shade your way.

Image by ItspronouncedLourdays

I'm honestly so terrible! If there was an Olympic games that included procrastination as a sport then I'd be winning gold. Just think of me as the Usain Bolt of procrastination. (Sad but so very, very true...)

This isn't exactly great, but what's worse is that this has been going on for AGES. I'm not even joking, while studying for my exams I drank several pint glasses of water in an hour... because, as we all know hydration is super important for concentration... and distracting myself from work with a task that I can deem as half way useful...

Well that's it for now,

Let me know in the comments if you've ever experienced these levels of procrastination, or even worse still maybe you've been on the receiving end of all this? In which case, soz bud! Meaning you no harm, I love you,I do butttttttt I'm lazy to the bone.

On a side note! I didn't procrastinate here! Otherwise there would be no blog post and you certainly wouldn't be reading it. (Something I'm really grateful for, by the way!)

Talk soon,