1) Mermaid

This explains everthing:

mermaid, funny, and period image
ariel, disney, and red image mermaid, blue, and water image mermaid, water, and fantasy image mermaid, beach, and summer image
mermaid, gif, and H2o image

2) Aliens!
Who doesn't want to be abducted by one?

alien, warning, and grunge image alien, humans, and grunge image alien, tattoo, and grunge image aliens, galaxy, and moon image
alien, aliens, and atmosphere image

3) Fairies

fairy and flowers image fantasy image Dream image bird, blue, and character image

4) Angels
So much beautiful..

supernatural, angel, and lucifer image angel, statue, and aesthetic image angel, broken, and wings image sky, art, and statue image

5) Gnomos
Make a wish!

3d, art, and artist image green, eye, and eyes image trebol and green image unicorn, vampire, and goblin image

6) Unicorns
why every girl want a unicorn in her room? They're very cute and lovely..

funny, unicorn, and lol image
food, skinny, and want image
unicorn, blood, and blue image unicorn, white, and grunge image nails and holographic image pink, horse, and unicorn image

7) Dinossaurs..

dinosaur, funny, and food image
dinosaur, grunge, and funny image friends, nature, and bike image dinosaur and funny image kiss, dinosaur, and quotes image

What's your favorite? I like the fairies!

Kisses cat girl and thanks