If you know me personally you probably know that I absolutely LOVE shopping online. I think it is so convenient and actually a lot of fun. It is also great for killing time but that is a habit I would not encourage you to develop. I have put together five tips on online shopping, from how to stay safe when making online purchases to knowing how to select products solely based on pictures and reviews.

1. Web Debit Card
Go to your bank and apply for a web debit card and commit to using only that card when you are doing online purchases. It is the safest way to do purchases online and it is super easy as well. You can transfer money to that card whenever you want to make a specific purchase and that you never have to worry about anyone stilling your card details because even if they do a) that card can only be used online and b) it will not have any money in it anyway (assuming that you only transfer money when you want to buy something). Paypal is another great method of making sure that you are safe while online shopping, however I still think that getting a web card is the best option as not all websites will accept payments through Paypal.

2. https://
When you are shopping on a website for the first time and are not really sure if it is reliable or not check the link (address of the website that appears at the top of your browser) and make sure that it starts with “https://”. If you can see those characters at the beginning of the link then you have nothing to worry about because the website you are shopping on is safe. If those characters are not there then chances are the website is a fraud and my advice in that case, just click out and do not even considering entering any of your details on that site.

3. Read the reviews
Now that we have covered the two of the most important points of online shopping, which are staying safe and protecting your details, we will focus on the more fun stuff. If you have the option, always read the reviews before purchasing something. This may seem obvious to some of you but I used to never read the reviews and then I would receive something completely different from what I was expecting. Always read what other people, who have already purchased the item, have to say. As when you are online shopping you cannot try on the item, reviews can give you a pretty good idea about sizing and fit.

4. Read “Details & Care”
Pictures can be deceiving! Do not just look at the pictures of the product and then simply click “add to basket” without looking into a little more detail at what you are about to buy. Again, when you are online shopping you do not have the opportunity to touch clothes and feel their material. This is why reading the details section is very important. Items can look so different in pictures than what they look like in real life. Reading the detail section is the only way you will get an idea of the material of the item and determine whether or not it is something you actually want to buy. This also goes for shoes and mainly high heels. When you purchase heels online make sure that you check the height of the heel because it might seem alright in the pictures but when you receive the shoes they might be way too high for you, or on the other hand not as high as you had expected.

5. Investigator mode
Pictures are there to show you what the item looks like since you cannot see it in real life. Keep in mind that companies want to portray their products as best as they can and hide their flaws (if there are any). In order to be successful on your online-shopping-mission you have to act like an investigator on some occasions. I know this may seem funny but what you have to do, is go through all the pictures and make sure that you can see the whole item, front and back, clearly. If for example, you notice that the model has her arm across her body and hides a specific area of the item that is okay. However, if you scroll through the other pictures and notice that that specific part of the item is not shown clearly then something is not right and you should probably not purchases that. If you cannot really see how something fits, how long or short it is, or any other details that would be significant for you, then I would suggest do not “add to cart”. There are so many options when it comes to online shopping so why spend your money on a dress that you are not really sure if it will be long enough to cover… what you definitely want a dress to cover. It is better to buy something that seems like a more reliable option that will also save you the hassle of having to return items and wait for your refund.

I would choose online shopping over actual shopping any day. I have been doing it for a couple of years now and I know many people like to try things on before they buy them but that’s not me. The only things that I never buy online are jeans and tailored pants because I feel those two items are all about the fit so it is really important to me to actually try them on and make sure they look good on my body. Other than that, I shop for everything else online and even though I find it super convenient it is important to know how to stay safe and protect your details! These are probably my top five tips for online shopping which I really hope were helpful. I hope you have learnt something new by reading this post and if you have any requests for more posts on online shopping leave me a comment below or even DM me on instagram. 🙂