I put a playlist together with underrated Little Mix songs.
Little Mix is one of my favorite girl bands. Their song are mostly about girl power, being who you are, love, break up etc.
Some songs you can dance to, others you can cry to.
Enjoy! ❤️


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Cannonball was there first single, they performed it at the X factor finale
"Stones taught me to fly
Love taught me to lie
Life taught me to die
So it's not hard to fall
When you've feel like a cannonball."


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from their debut album "DNA"
"'Is it worth it any more?' Are you scared of the things that they might put you through? Does it make you wanna hide the inner you? You’re not the only one so let them criticise. You’re untouchable when you realise, oh oh oh"
"Change, change your life, take it all. We’re gonna stick together, know we’ll get through it all. Change, change your life, take it all, yeah, take it all.. You’re gonna use it to become what you've always known.."


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form their third album "Get Weird"
"I used to dress like everybody else. I wanted to just blend in. They told me no, keep my dreams on the low. Told me I'd never win, yeah.. I love to be different. Guard up to opinions then let 'em in. Tear me down, wanna see me drown. Like being happy is such a sin, uh-huh"
"And now I'm older, it's never over. It don't stop affecting me, the world keeps testing me. I'm getting on track with every knock back.
On a bad day, I just gotta stay, stay clued up and I'm ready to love the good and live the bad. Clued up and now I get it. Just make the best of what you have.
Cause sometimes it's beauty, sometimes it's pain. Sometimes it's sunshine, and sometimes it's rain."


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from their second album "Salute"
"They said I couldn't, they told me that I wouldn't, but if they could see me now. They'd see I'm something, that I'm not scared of nothing and the world will hear me shout..
We say oh oh oh...oh oh oh...
Might call me crazy, but I've been thinkin' maybe you would change your mind, if you could see me now."
"Drop me in the ocean, I'll swim. Put me in with the lions, I'll roar. There's a survivor within, so much stronger than I was before."


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from their third album "Get Weird"
"Now, it's funny how the tables turn. I'm sitting back baby watching you burn. No regrets it's a lesson learned. 'Cause what you think ain't my concern.
About time that I let you know, my ride and I assume control. You blew it baby years ago. Can't get with me, now I'm grown. Grown now, grown now..Don't you know that I'm grown now, grown now.. Don't you know that I can hold my own, boy you missed the boat. Can't get with me, now I'm grown."

6. F.U.

Beautiful Girls, lm4, and gif image
from "Glory Days"
"You're dirty, disgusting, but I can't get 'nough of your loving. Boy, I hate you, really hate you. My momma said I shouldn't date you. You're cheatin', you're lyin'. I know that you're hidin' two cellphones. But, boy, right before I say that it's the end. You sweet talk me again, yo.. I don't wanna be friends, no.. Why am I such a fool when it comes to you?
A, B, C, D, E-E-eee, F.U "

7. I WON'T

Beautiful Girls, lm, and 4 girls image
from "Get Weird"
"I got my heart, my head up high. I will be strong, I will survive. 'Cause all of the hurt will wash away with the rain and all that we've learned will be enough to shine again.
I'll never let it go 'cause we can do this on our own. I'll never let it go, we have too much to let it fall...And I won't let anybody tell me no. I won't take anything for granted. 'Cause I know that nothing good comes easy. If it did, I wouldn't be me, let it go and let me do it 'cause I won't, I won't, I won't, I won't."


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from "Glory Days"
"'Cause nothing else matters like us and nothing else matters like love. I don't wanna fight, not tonight. 'Cause we're having fun now and nothing else matters like us and nothing else matters like love. You just gotta believe, if it leaves then it's coming back round and I don't really care about nothing else."

I hope you liked them! Send me postcard, if you agree or disagree or have other suggestions for underrated little mix songs!
I was thinking about making a part 2 ❤️

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