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Laurin Rose

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Aries: bold and dark hues, combat boots, horror / gore movies, adrenaline rushes, winged eyeliner, aggressive/angsty music, plump lips, long eyelashes

girl, model, and fashion image Image by Martina Nucera

Taurus: ankle booties, vintage dresses, pastel hues, comfort foods, hipster fashion, floral and musky scents, sensual/slow music, long hair, acrylic nails, clear skin, old books

90s, sandra bullock, and vintage image hair image

Gemini: succulents, huge glasses, braids and buns, small tattoos, indie music, deep conversations, SUVs, vegan foods, bright eyes, flirty glares

aesthetic, flowers, and girl image bambi, clean, and grunge image

Cancer: cool toned eyeshadows, family keepsakes, soft blankets, oversized shirts, beach visits, coffee, cheek kisses, movie marathons, good morning texts

Image by M A X 2000s, aesthetics, and fashion image

Leo: sharp contour, bold wings, curly/wavy hair, luxurious decor, king sized bed, 100+ notifications, selfies, full coverage makeup, expensive clothes

girl, beauty, and photography image beautiful, model, and red image

Virgo: minimalism, a library for a room, intellectual conversations, classic art and music, poetry, short hair, natural makeup, documentaries, science fiction

ali michael and girl image girl, beautiful, and beauty image

Libra: pink/red hues, lace, silky hair, popularity, fruity / sweet scents, charisma, fine arts, nude lips, velvet

girl, beautiful, and love image flowers, lips, and rose image

Scorpio: alternative / grunge fashion, mysteriousness, conspiracies, drama, tattoos, dark hues, smokey eyes, late night conversations, sharp jawlines, alluring eyes

girl, hair, and tumblr image Mature image

Sagittarius: road trips, parties, humorous or adventurous movies, pop punk / indie music, smudged eye makeup, philosophical questions, energy, nose piercings

girl, smile, and hair image yellow, aesthetic, and grunge image

Capricorn: classic rock, commitment, scarlet lips, leggings, hair in a bun, secret kinks, grey / black hues, popular reputations, work ethic

alternative, indie, and rabbit image model, beauty, and eyes image

Aquarius: conspiracy theories, unsual styles, mystery, rebellion, friendship, metallic hues, holographics, quirkiness, wide eyes, abnormal features

model image art, flowers, and girl image

Pisces: halo eyes, light hues, jewelry, soft hair, sweet scents, fantasy novels, innocence, sweet nothings

flowers and pink image flowers, makeup, and model image