I feel the life disapearing from my sleep deprived eyes and all I ever wanted was someone who would stay
I wanted something that wasn't for me
I wanted something that isn't me
I'm someone who will stick to you no matter what but when you close your eyes I will run away to someone else
I think I don't deserve to be properly loved
you don't deserve me
cause I am not the person you want me to be and I'll never be that person
and that's exactly what scares me to death
I was born alone
I will die alone
people will come and go
but nobody will ever have the power to keep me close
we will last a few days
till I crash into nothing more than just an object to desire
I will always be the person you'll desire but never love
you can give all the love you have in your fragil body and I will return to my old self
and my old love
and the oldest body I have ever loved