My name is Lisa & I'm going to write all the things down, which come in my mind, because writing is the way I get along with life.

So I'm going to speak about my goals to reach for 2018, which I haven't fulfilled until now.
It's the 29th of January and I have a big list.

1) the first of all my aims are: losing weight to live a healthy life.. - I'm going to speak in another article about this theme, it's not only because of the appearance. It's because I would love me more and so many things would be easier.

2) see more of the world:
-visiting Bregenz, its in the west of Austria and I've never been there before myself.
-visiting Prag, because I want to
- visiting Berlin, these 3 cities are my travel destinations for 2018!

3) learn more !!
I shouldn't take things too lightly & should exhaust all possibilities in life. It makes me sad, to don't understand things, especially school things..

sometimes I can say, I'm too lazy to live an awesome life, I have to get myself into life.

that's it #BTBVOY #bethebestversionofourself