hi guys! how are you? this year I have the goal of hearing and knowing new songs and good, january started well. Here are some of my favorite songs of the month!

1 - ocean eyes - billie eilish

Lyrics, quotes, and ocean eyes image billie, water, and blue image
Billie was one of my discoveries and I just loved her songs so much.

2 - sweater weather - the neighborhood

sweater, weather, and quotes image sweater weather image
This song I already knew but I decided to listen to it again and I got addicted again.

3 - watch - billie eilish

aesthetic, bold, and Lyrics image burn, fire, and heart image

4 - in the dark - camila cabello

in the dark, Lyrics, and quotes image easel, in the dark, and Lyrics image
camila drop her new album and omg I'M SO IN LOVE WITH HIM. amen camila

5 - dusk till dawn - sia and zayn

quotes image jana, Lyrics, and random image
this music play so hard with my feelings when i was reading a book, is so amazing.

6 - suburbia - troye sivan

history and quotes image australia, city, and Lyrics image
please everyone, listen troye sivan.

7 - dreams - NF

ok this new album is so so so good, and i just wanna hug so much.

8 - all we know - the chainsmokers

song and the chainsmokers image all, beat, and black image

xo, L.