Tattoo are a jungle, I love them and want them as soon as I can! But until Im 18, I can only dream about them. Here is my "guide" to the right tattoo.

Its such a cool thing when the tattoo means something personal. Find a statement thats really important to you, think about that when you pick out the tattoo!
Statement tats I like -->

Image by Caterine tattoo, travel, and world image tattoo, rose, and hands image Image by Jude

Small and simple:
Cute, small and simple tattoos are so pretty. under-boob, side-boob, wrist or foot, it can be anywhere you want it to.
Small tats I like -->

tattoo, love, and quotes image tattoo, flowers, and art image

Big and beautiful:
I personally, want a big and beautiful tattoo. I think its so cool how it blossoms over the body. If its one big tattoo, or a lot of tattoos closer to each other
Bigger tattoos I like -->

big, style, and tattoo image tattoo, alien, and black image beauty, girl, and fashion image tattoo and love image

Cool text:
Song lyrics or a poem, a text that will make people think, smile or cry. Its typical but stil personal. Im in love with these kind of tattoos, especially song lyrics, because of how nice they are. They're never to much, they're just fine.
Text tats I like -->

tattoo, quotes, and failure image tattoo, love, and yourself image tattoo, change, and quotes image tattoo, die, and grunge image

Stick n poke:
Stick n poke tattoos are so rad, you do it yourself with makes it even mere personal and cool. (BE AWARE THAT IT IS NOT HEALTHY FOR YOU) They doesn't always stay ink-ish and become more and more white, like a scar. But I still think they're pretty cool.
Stick n poke tats I like -->

and, diy, and how to image tattoo image

I love tattoos and I have for a long time been dreaming about this one, it´s my favorite. There is also a link to my collection "tats".

tattoo, planet, and grunge image