After I clicked the publish button, for my first article about how I lost my mom, I was really scared for the comments. And when I saw that the article was already like 20 times in one hour I felt so relieved. I got a couple of messages from you that were so sweet !!! I also had a lot of comments on the article itself which gave me more motivation to write an other article. So that's what I am doing right now.

I am a bit scared on how my other articles will be reacted to because the other one was so "populair" . I also don't really know what you want to read, what kind of articles are interested for you? I really want to write something that you guys are interested in. You can message me on my WHI page but you can also send me a dm on instagram, and maybe follow! My ins.tagram page is @mariel.anna .

I can write stories about things with my mom, a story about how my bestfriends dumped me when I needed them the most, but also articles about travelling to certain countries or about fashion. Also stories about my life I would love to share with you!

I hope you send me a message about what articles you want to read! And don't be scared to message me when you want to talk about something or are struggeling with something, I am always here to talk!!

Love, Mariël