HIII its grace if you've come here from my last Article bog thingy majig then hey whats goood? if not then i hope you're doing okay if you aren't just remember that whatever you are going through drastic or small its kinda like a train ride and there are loads of stops and loads of delays but you'll get there eventually! you've got this and if you need someone to vent to or anything hmu ,,,,, anyyways i'm not to sure where this article is going but i guess i'll find out after the last one i got some messages from people and it made my heart so happy and that i'm not alone and i think thats's the most important thing to realise that you aren't alone even if you feel so alone in your mind also another thing is that you should never give yourself grief about feeling depressed about something or even sad about something because pain and hurt is the same thing no matter if someone else's problems seem worse that doesn't take away from you and its important to accept that im still learning so i guess im being a bit of a hypocrite but this article is about learning and forming who you are my biggest insecurities is my nose i have this little bump in it and its pointy and it bugs me im constantly comparing myself with other girls im still learning not to do that but its really hard my second is my lips they are like supppperrrrr small and just plane annoying and im also 5'10 so that sucks sometimes im also dyslexic so im insecure about that and i have social anxiety im constantly scolding myself for not talking to people im really goofy and lanky and i got bullied for it a lot of my life i also wore glasses so ive heard all the phrases i dont have to wear them anymore but i dont think people fully realise the extent and impact they have on other

my music ranges from literally every genre i love music so much its beautiful it connects us all as humans and its beautiful even if your favourite is that like super heavy metal screaming shit which personally isnt a favourite of mine but it still builds communities and that's so special shit like that restores my faith in people
im actually currently listening to palace by Sam smith while writing this so if you've made it this far give it a listen :)
my writing is always allll over the freakin place but i like it because its raw and straight from the mind

i feel like when it comes to beauty everyone is even myself but its easier said or written than believed like if you look in the mirror find your insecurities and find ways to work them thats also easier said than done im working on that and i hope everyone reading this is working on self confidence belief and love

i really wanna see the world get my licence and just be off to see the world meet new people and take over the world and do good

im not against surgery i believe what ever the hell makes you happy go fucking do it whatever makes you feel empowered do it

i'm 17 and im single l and most of m friends are in relationships and stuff and people ask me why im not looking for a boyfriend and i think its because i dont believe in looking for love i believe that it will find you when it finds you the universe has ways of bringing people together and i trust the universe as silly as that sounds wow silly is SUCH A BRITISH WORD soo sorry also i don't think boys are the most important thing right now im tryna take over the world here and like myself before i fall in love to break up in a month if i have something with someone i want to last

i love space like obssesed with it and wolves i get called wolfie a lot

when born i was going to be called persephone so sometimes in my room i pretend im the daughter of the Greek goddess Persephone yesss still 17 not 12 but whoo cares its fun OKAY

this is like turning into a weird facts about me lamo so i'll just keep going

my dog is 6 hes called Twix like the chocolate

i'm a lowkey a fan girl of a lotta lot of people okkay well that's all i can think of to say
ps. i also believe in guardian angels