So here's my first article ever! Couldn't be more excited!!! I have thought about making a series of articles about the countries I really want to visit someday in the future and display their beauty mostly through images. Hope you enjoy it!

#1 Iceland

iceland image

Iceland, is a frozen, bewitching queen with thousands of little, hidden gems that wait for anybody to discover them- from the common tourist to the most curious explorer.

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The landscape is more than breathtaking. No words can describe these views...

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No wonder why more and more people visit Iceland as the years passing.

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The well-known hot springs called " Blue Laggon "
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Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland, has only 122.000 residents. It has been severaly named as the best city in the whole world!
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The nothern lights

And here's a song I'd surely listen to if I had a roadtrip in Iceland

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