One. When seeing a couple holding hands, which you'll see a lot here, act as if it was nothing. Keep walking and hope they didn't notice you.

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Two. It's okay to have no one to talk to on breaks. You never will anyway. And that is okay. Remember you are your own company, you'll always be.

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Three. Don't try to talk to the mean girls. They don't deserve you, they never will. What you'll launch is an emotional pain only you will endure.

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Four. Don't try to make friends here. They won't understand you. Nobody will. You are a museum full of art, but no one will ever appreciate you. Try also not to crave for social contact. Nobody will satisfy your need.

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Five. Even teachers won't understand you. They have been trained to behave with sociable students. But unfortunately, you aren't lucky to be one of them. That is okay, you'll at least learn how to act by yourself in the wilderness that is high school.

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Six. Do not search for a partner. It will be in vain. People here will wait for someone to open their hearts to them so that they can break it into thousands of pieces. They'll never know how to appreciate a soft heart like you. No one here will.

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