we met by accident;
yet somehow it doesn’t feel like an accident at all.
my eyes met yours and in that instant ignited a flame.
i felt the heat spread thru me with its wildfire, thru my fingers and toes, then burning in my chest.
i needed to know you;
i don’t know if you felt the pull i felt but i had to be near you, just to speak to you, even a simple exchange of words.
if only i could utter any.
a room full of people yet i am fixated on only one.
how can one boy hold true to so much perfection?
eyes that lit up the whole room, that shown with truth, i had not ever been subjected to.
that smile, how many girls have been haunted by that smile before me?
do you think the universe was conspiring against us when it put us in the same place?
are these the moments you try to mentally prepare yourself for?
i was completely unprepared, but in some way entirely ready.
then there you were, standing in front of me;
and there i am staring back at you.
upon first glance i am cool and collected but inside i am paralyzed, frozen with fear of an unknown subjection.
words exchanged, smiles passed, drinks sipped;
i laugh at his carefree demeanor; i am so jealous of your assurance.
you are so blissfully unaware of your capture of me.
the warmth floods thru me and up into my cheeks and i fear its potential of exposing me.
nevertheless you stay;
entertaining the idea of me?
of us?
what is this feeling.
i wonder if he feels me watching his every move;
my heart pounds as his hand meets my waist for a picture,
capturing this moment in time.
marveling at his composure, and wishing for excuses to have him touch me again.
shared cigarettes and drinks, the closest i’ll get to those lips.
i imagine the taste;
with each touch of our fingertips i pass electricity thru him and secretly pray he feels the current.
i sense the judging eyes of others as they watch what is unfolding but even still, i don’t care.
i only see you;
some things are just too engulfed in magic to be coincidental.
moments fade to minutes, minutes turn to hours, and the night is slipping away;
can it just last forever?
is life so cruel as to give you a touch of what you never knew you needed, only to take it back?
this wasn’t the end.
it couldn’t be.
we share an embrace in parting. seemingly exchanging souls, only to realize that they are the same.
he struck aflame that night too;
the blaze overtaking him also.
the fire burns in both of us; a fire that cannot die.
we met by accident.