Hey guys.

So here is part two of my "30 days from walking to running" challenge.
Todays task was to walk 4min, run 1min and to repeat like 4 times.

This day, since it is only the second day of me "running", I don´t feel any better then yesterday. Today my legs were even shaking, when I stopped running.
But even trough this pain, I feel like I didn´t ran out of breath as fast as I did yesterday. I mean, of cause there is not that big of a diffrence to yesterday, that is absolutly clear, but I feel better. Mentaly and also a little bit physicly.

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As I said, also mentally, because it wasn´t as hard as yesterday to get out the door!

And even tho starting running is a big step to get into shape, since I didn´t mention it yesterday, eating is also imporant. So yesterday was also the day, when I started eating more heathy.

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Eating healthy is really important to lose weight, because when you eat way more calories than you actually burn, you won´t lose any weight at all.

Of cause I couldn´t just turn my whole eating habit upside down. (I am not that consistent with it, I know because I tried like a thousand times.)
I started eating less sweets then the day before and more fruits. Also don´t forget when you´re running or just doing your casual day stuff, drink lots of water. Or even smothies or juices.

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Drinking enough is highly important for your body, for all the cells and organs in it.

I only drink water and juices since 2015 so I only need to remind myself to drink enough. But with time passing everything will get better and easier.

Until tomorrow.


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