This article was inspired by @Bluebonnet though she does say the article wasn't her idea. So if you were the original creator of this, please feel free to message me and I will go happily credit you!

But anyway I give you...100 preferences of a seventeen-year-old.

1. Coffee or tea? TEA! I’m English, you know the answers going to be tea!

2. Black and white or color? Colour, preferably yellow!

3. Drawings or paintings? Paintings

4. Dresses or skirts? It really depends, but I would say skirts.

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5. Books or movies? UGH, it depends! I’m going to say books because I need books in my life more

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6. Pepsi or Coke? NEITHER. (The only fizzy drink I drink is sprite)

7. Chinese or Italian? Italian…because pizza.

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8. Early bird or night owl? Early bird... ever since I was little, I have been an early bird. Even on the weekends, I’m usually up at around 7:30.

9. Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla, but don’t get me wrong chocolate ice cream is very good.

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10. Introvert or extrovert? Introvert, all the way.

11. Hugs or kisses? Both! I get more hugs than kisses (cue tears, I’m forever alone I swear)

12. Hunting or fishing? Neither thanks.

13. Winter or summer? I love Christmas, but in England, winter means cold, dark and rain….so summer.

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14. Spring or Autumn? Autumn... it's my favorite season of them all!

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15. Rural or urban? Rural. I love the city but the countryside has something special.

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16. PC or Mac? PC…Macs just annoy me.


18. Cake or pie? Cake…god I miss normal cake (gotta be gluten-free, hooray for coeliac disease!

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20. Ketchup or mustard? Ketchup thanks.

21. Sweet pickles or dill pickles? I’ll pass on both thanks.

22. Comedy or mystery? Comedy, the best comedy of all time is Fraiser. Go watch it,

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23. Boots or sandals? Boots, because sandals never fit me.

24. Silver or gold? Golddddd

25. Pop or Rock? I like both, but rock is better

26. Dancing or singing? Singing because I can't dance at all.

27. Checkers or chess? I don’t play either but chess looks more aesthetically pleasing.

28. Board games or video games? Board games…because I always win at monopoly. I would play video games if I had a boyfriend who played video games though

29. Wine or beer? I don’t drink at all.

30. Freckles or dimples? Freckles!

31. Honey mustard or BBQ sauce? Neither….not a sauce person

32. Body weight exercises or lifting weights? Body weight exercises, because I can’t even get the lightest dumbbell off of the floor at the gym.

33. Baseball or basketball? Baseball, because I’m 5ft 3. I watched a baseball game whilst I was on holiday in Las Vegas and it looked pretty good! The Dodgers were playing

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34. Crossword puzzles or sudoku? I do like both…but Sudoku is better

35. Facial hair or clean shaven? A bit of facial hair is nice, but not a full on beard or mustache.

36. Crushed ice or cubed ice? Cubed ice…duh.

37. Skiing or snowboarding? Skiing, because I tried it once when I was four. Snowboarding looks great but its England and we don’t really have that kind of weather.

38. Smile or game face? Smile, I guess...idk I look like a retarded psychopath when I smile

39. Bracelet or necklace? Bracelet.

40. Fruits or vegetables? Vegetables all the way

41. Sausage or bacon? Bacon, I can be allergic to sausages...

42. Scrambled or fried? FRIED. The fried egg I had in Las Vegas was the best I ever had.

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43. Dark chocolate or white chocolate? DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE

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44. Tattoos or piercings? Tattoos, but small ones…

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45. Antique or brand new? I’m more of a brand new person.

46. Dress up or dress down? Dress up...most of the time

47. Cowboys or aliens? Aliens.


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49. Pancakes or waffles? Pancakes…. I want pancakes now

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50. Bond or Bourne? Bond…..because Ben Whishaw as Q is the best thing ever.

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51. Sci-Fi or fantasy? Depends, I like Doctor Who, but I like some fantasy things

52. Numbers or letters? Letters, because I hate maths (I have so many math-loving friends and I know they secretly hate me for hating on maths, but my maths teacher, when I took maths, was terrible)

53. Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? HARRY POTTER ALL THE WAY, BEST FANDOM EVER

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54. Fair or theme park? Ooooh, both! Because every November a fair comes to our town and it is the best thing ever.

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55. Money or fame? Money. The only reason I would want to be famous is for writing a book…like J.K Rowling.

56. Washing dishes or doing laundry? Washing dishes, because I do that almost every night anyway

57. Snakes or sharks? Sharks, because I went to school with a load of snakes.

58. Orange juice or apple juice? Orange Juice is the best

59. Sunrise or sunset? Both are beautiful, but if I had to choose…sunset.

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60. Slacker or overachiever? Overachiever, always. I had a slacker phase when I was 15 and I look back with disappointment

61. Pen or pencil? Pen.

62. Peanut butter or jelly? Neither

63. Grammys or Oscars? Oscars because the Grammys is biased as hell

64. Detailed or abstract? Detailed.

65. Multiple choice questions or essay questions? Multiple choice questions, because I write enough essays for my A-levels thanks

66. Adventurous or cautious? Cautious. I’d love to be adventurous but…it never happens

67. Saver or spender? I try to save but I have an addiction to buying books, but I’m trying to stop buying books because I have so many that I haven’t read yet on my shelf

68. Glasses or contacts? I have neither, I have quite good eyes, but glasses are cute

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69. Laptop or desktop? Laptop.

70. Classic or modern? If we’re talking about music then classic…I am a huge lover of classical music (I have a lot of orchestra buddies and we send memes about classical music, instruments, and orchestras to each other and it is so funny)

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71. Personal chef or personal fitness trainer? Personal chef.

72. Internet or cell phone? Internet, my phone gets boring after a while

73. Call or text? Text, I express myself better.

74. Curly hair or straight hair? I love straight hair, but my hair looks so nice when its curled

75. Shower in the morning or shower in the evening? Shower in the evening, because I don’t have time in the morning

76. Spicy or mild? Mild….

77. Marvel or DC? I am not really a super fan of either but I’ll say, Marvel, because Doctor Strange was AMAZING!

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78. Paying a mortgage or paying rent? This question is giving me anxiety, let’s move on

79. Skydive or bungee jump? Skydiving

80. Oreos or Chips Ahoy? Oreos…but I’m allergic to them (CUE MORE TEARS OF ABSOLUTE DESPAIR)

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81. Jello or pudding? Pudding.

82. Truth or dare? Truth, because I SUCK at dares

83. Roller coaster or Ferris wheel? Rollercoaster…if you ever go to Las Vegas, go on the rollercoaster at the New York New York hotel, it is amazing and surprisingly cheap!

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84. Leather or denim? Denim.

85. Stripes or solids? Solids

86. Bagels or muffins? Nothing beats a blueberry muffin

87. Whole wheat or white? NEITHER. I hate bread

88. Beads or pearls? Pearls, I have some from my grandpa, which I wear for orchestra concerts.

89. Hardwood or carpet? Hardwood

90. Bright colors or neutral tones? Neutral tones, the only bright color I’d go for would be yellow

91. Be older than you are or younger than you are? Maybe one year older…I could go with some of my older friends to university.

92. Raisins or nuts? Neither

93. Picnic or a nice restaurant? Nice restaurant! I hate being outside…

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94. Black leather or brown leather? Black leather.

95. Long hair or short hair? I used to have long hair and trust me, if your hair is long and thick….get it cut.

96. “Ready, aim, fire” or “Ready, fire, aim”? Ready, aim, fire…duh
97. Fiction or non-fiction? BOTH

98. Smoking or non-smoking? Non-smoking, sorry I can't stand smoking

99. Think before you talk or talk before you think? Think before you talk.

100. Asking questions or answering questions? Answering questions!

So that was my answers!

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