My boyfriend is a go-ahead.

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Sometimes I think he don´t love me.
He is like a Hawk sometimes.
But I´m just a Hummingbird.

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He gets very jealous sometimes.
He is a sad bad boy.
He is insane.

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He is really pervert sometimes and makes me blush.
He is a sadist.
But when I´m sad, he is very sweet.

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He don´t live in my city yet.

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He like to listen sad songs about life.
He never be afraid.
He is crazy.

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He is lovely to me but so cold with my friends.
He is really popular.
He is beautiful.

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He is my best friend.
He is really cold sometimes.
He is an artist.

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He said he was in love with me.
He said he was quite in love with me.

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My boyfriend is a go-ahead.
And I have a lot of things to say about him.

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