Okay so has this ever happened, that you want to write something but you're either so conscious that people will laugh at what you've written just because your writing is not as good as others. Or you just want to write something but don't know what to write about? I experience that every single day. I'm fond of writing but I'm scared of being judged. I might not be knowing the proper way to map out an article but I every single word I write is heartfelt. Way lot of things go on in my mind but by the time I sit down to write something, I just lose it, I can't find the right words. Can't form proper sentences, I just simply blank out. I hope one day I'm able to write articles with good content that's appreciated by people. Let's hope that everyone going through this finds the courage to write and post any and everything they write. 'Cause every word you write is meaningful and worthy.

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