Your up at three am and you don’t know what to do. Hell you’re probably dying to play just dance with your grandma if thats what it takes to get you going. Try decorating your room. Mabey there’s some needs here and there that you really need to get a hold of. I’m here to tell and show you life’s essentials needed in your lair.

pink, beats, and pastel image music and vintage image music, valentinesday, and speaker image iphone, music, and pink image
~Speakers! If your a person who’s not very fond of listening to music then bye. Just bye.
pink, candle, and pastel image art, creative, and decoration image
~A Lamp! I’m absolutely obsessed with lamps especially antique ones at nighttime around 7:00-11:00pm. Definitely a necessity for all you late-readers around there!
plants, aesthetic, and pink image adventure, cactus, and dark image cactus, la, and california image aesthetic, blue, and cactus image
~Succulents! I love em, I’m a sucker for plants!
autumn, blankets, and cozy image blanket, gray, and grey image etsy, herringbone, and red blanket image blanket and cozy image
~The Biggest Blanket you can find at Target! I’m a tarjay kinda girl,can’t stop myself to pick up a throw blanket if it was to save meh life.
little space, cute, and daddy image heart, kit, and health image
~An aid kit filled with preventions of the flu! Prevent yourself from catching your the flu, the aid kits worth it honey.
grunge, hello kitty, and pale image aesthetic, alternative, and tattoo image aesthetic, cigarette, and grunge image dope, Tattoos, and fake image
~Fake tattoos! Their helpful when your bored in my honest opinion,just put them on after your done showering.
food, pink, and sweet image loves, sexual, and ❤ image
~A stash of candy! Don’t even ask me why!
pink, aesthetic, and grunge image bed, bedsheets, and blair image
~Silk bedsheets/pillows! Their so comfortable, they make you feel like a ruler!
decor, white, and decoration image room, bedroom, and bed image room, home, and bedroom image room, bed, and bedroom image
~Pillows in general! Just own a ton of them you won’t regret it
fruit, food, and peach image diet, FRUiTS, and green image
~Fruit stocked in your own mini fridge! Who doesn’t like fruit?!

And that concludes my article of what you guys should keep in mind to stock in your room! BYE BYE

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