you know the feeling of looking at your crush and just feeling all of the emotions bubble up in your heart, tickling your smile and bouncing around in your stomach.

you know when you're talking to your crush and it feels so natural, and you just stand there watching this amazing human ramble on about things that wouldn't interest you normally but since those words are coming from your crush's lips they sound like magic.

you know what it feels like catching feelings for that perfect person? well probably and so does your friend, right?

you know that every time your friend talks about this amazing person they've known for awhile, you'll know exactly what your friend is talking about because you feel the exact same way and you know exactly how great your crush is, that's why you've fallen exactly like your friend did.

you know the feeling of not being able to tell anyone about your crush because you don't want to hurt nor loose friends. it sucks, it sucks so much that it's not even worth to try any longer and it hurts because you know that it will never work out.

you know that you're going to hurt someone however you do, because if you tell your friend you will hurt them and if you won't tell, you'll hurt yourself.

you know the struggle of trying to hide your feelings for everyone, even for yourself in hope to make them go away, but you know they won't.