Hello, hello, hello and welcome to another article! I hope that the start of your week is as good as your weekend was! So, this article is all about selfiesssss! All of us love selfies and I'm sure that most of you are obsessed with them. But, I wonder sometimes which is the right way to take good snaps especially if I want to post them on social media. I'm here to relieve you. Enjoy!

It's all about lighting.

You have to pay a lot of attention, if you want to take a good selfie. Oor whole image depends on the light of the place that we are. Our face changes when the lighting is as much as we need. Remember, we have to be near a window, but not to much close to it.

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Use flash the right time.

We use flash only when it's dark and the image won't be clear enough without it. Actually, I also use it to transform my face. I mean that I want it to clean up my face because of my acne. Believe me it helps!

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The most important thing on a photo especially on a selfie is your smile. It changes the image and it looks so beautiful. Smile a lot. Natural smiles are better than anything else on a selfie.

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Use the right filters.

We love using filters because we think that they make our photo even better than the original one. I agree, however, some photos don't need them and we should leave them as they are. Don't use a lot of filters because then your photo will be altered.

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Don't forget to be creative with your background.

Your photo will look more careful and beautiful. Just remember that the most interesting photos have searched backgrounds.

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I hope my ideas helped you! Send me a postcard if you like. Don't forget to check my account and my other articles! Until next time.....SEEEE YAAAAAAAA....

Sweet child o' mine,