To all the girls of the paternalistic society

Hi, pal!
Don’t you worry;
Chin up and be happy!
For we’ve both had our share
Of troubles
Double that of happiness!

Hi, pal!
Let me smile your smile;
There is nothing to worry!
For we have friends who care
And protect,
And cherish,
Every moment of our existence!

Hi, pal!
Don’t you worry;
I know you had worse troubles than me…
I still want to see your face happy,
And your mouth smiling,
For I cherish it very much,
Even if I cannot see it yet!

Hi, pal!
I wish you the very best!
Keep smiling,
Keep laughing,
Be happy,
Even if I cannot see you,
I shall at least be glad to know
That you moved on now
And are living a better life!

Chin up, sweetie!

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