Strong independent woman/girl

Thats what I answer when people ask me what I want to become.
Thats what I answer when people ask me how I would describe myself.
Thats how I want people to describe me.

I am a person who believes in the power of women and girls. I know together we can change the world because we are strong enough.
Believe me I know exactly how hard it is to make people listen to you, accept your opinion or listen to your idea. Unfortunately I am surrounded by people who think it is okay to ignore our wishes, thoughts, opinions or ideas. They think they can make us shut up but they can't because it is our time to change things. I always have to discuss with boys or men about our rights or why it is not okay if the man earns more than the woman for the same job. I mean thats unbelievable, right?
They think men are better than women and that they have the right to do whatever they want but we are supposed to listen to them and just shut up. They call me a feminist and think thats an insult but it is not. I am for equality between all genders, if that makes me a feminist I am okay with it and happy about it. Feminism is something we all should be proud of. We stand up for ourselves and fight for our rights and wishes. Also don't let any stupid boy break your heart, don't let them insult you or make you feel insecure. You are stronger than you think because you have a really special superpower: You are a girl.
There is something called girls power, right? Let's use it!!!
Thank you for reading this article.