Were we liars? Yes, we were, and we actually are. We all lie, I'm not talking about white lies, I'm talking about big ones, the ones that really hurt, the ones that make you angry and so powerless that the only thing you can do is screaming for kick it off.

The point is that as human we are, we all tell lie, some of us for protection, there just for fun. This makes me froth cause, as I think everyone does, I can't stand lies, even when they are just white lies because any lie has a real motive. I can't complain, though. I'm a liar too.

What I mean is that before you get angry with anyone because of this, you should think about how many times you have falsehood and you will realize that you do it even unconsciously, that you swear to yourself not to do it again, but you do.

Were we saints? No of course not, and we actually aren't. Hold on, and think about your sins, you are a big sinner... but... who isn't?

Will we be reminded? I can not certainly tell you. The only thing I can say is that only what we do alive, echoes in eternity. If you wait for things to happen, then it's when you can be sure that you'll be cast into obivlion.