Hi lovelies!♡

Have you ever found yourself procrastinating when you have to do a lot of work? Yes! me too!
I'm sure you wondered what you have to do to be more productive, not only on days with lots to do.
I've been wondered the same thing, I'll say here what had worked for me.

Plan the night before

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When I start a day without plans of what I'll do I tend to procrastinate more.
Prepare in advance what you can, like the clothes you will use, organize you bag or cut the vegetables for your salad. Plan you activities and work.
Also you can get help from a planner, people who use planners tend to be more productive.
I know it's more easy to watch tv or scroll through WHI than organize your things at night, but try it! you will see the difference.

Succeed in you morning routine

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  • Wake up
  • Meditate (or exercise)
  • Take shower
  • Eat breakfast
  • Get dressed
  • Go to work (or classes)

This will become a habit, it's a way to be organized, if your day starts in a good way you can be more productive through the rest of the day.

Avoid your phone

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Cellphones can be a great help for your day to day but if you're like me, if you touch your smarthphone when you wake up you will see lots of notifications and the first 30 minutes of your will be wasting scrolling Instagram, Twitter or any other social plataform.
If you want, just turn off your phone, don't waste your morning in that way.

Complete tasks

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Sometimes I have a lot to do, and this can easily stress me, and I'll try to do everything at once to feel more relieved that I "at least did something".
To be more productive and complete tasks I've been working in one thing at once, work in the way you can, with the easiest or the hardest things at the beginning, what you think works with you.

Try this things and look if they work with you, remember every person is different, always try new things.