I've seen this challenge floating around and wanted to make one myself. I thought i'd be a good first article! So here i am:


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I tend to go for a 80-90's kinda style. I really like but sweaters, mom jeans, bright colors and denim. I dont really do bras tho..


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If i were to describe myself using colors, id use warm and earthy tones.


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My parents are divorce, so i travel a lot. My mom lives on the country, hence the small house. I own a dog, I am a feminist, and I love drawing and music.


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I'm vegetarian, and i actually really like vegetables!


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My friends have described me as kind, sarcastic, a bitch, lazy, childish and loyal. I would also say i speak up a lot.


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I like drawing, playing guitar, making niche memes (my insta is http://instagram.com/nichhheeeee) cooking, doing yoga and watching netflix.


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My fav movies are Perks of being a wallflower, Call me by your name and any marvel movie (mostly avengers and spider-man) I love love love Brendon Urie, Declan McKenna and Troye Sivan. My fav book is Ill give you the sun by Jandy Nelson.


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I just want to be happy and travel alot.

I hope you feel like you've gotten to know me better now! This was the #thisismechallenge <3