Hello Everyone!!!!!
I decided that it would be a good idea-and since I see it quite often here in We Heart It-to write an article about my favourite songs of each month.So,January has almost ended and so begins my list.
My most heard songs this month are:

1)Dua Lipa-New Rules

dua lipa, new rules, and song image dua lipa, new rules, and girl image new rules, dua lipa, and music image new rules and dua lipa image

2)System of a Down-Chop Suey!

black, music, and system of a down image Lyrics, music, and quotes image Lyrics, music, and quotes image Lyrics, music, and quotes image

3)Halsey & G-Eazy-Him and I

badlands, him & i, and couples image

4)Man with a mission-My hero

5)Dua Lipa-Blow your mind

gif, dua lipa, and singer image


skillet, rise, and music image band, group, and in image

7)System of a Down-Aerials

system of a down and soad image

8)Alex Care-Damn your eyes

your eyes, alex clare, and love ❤ image

9)CHiCOwithHoneyWorks - Sekai Wa Koi Ni Ochiteiru

10)The Fray-How to save a life

anime, friendship, and quote image

11)Melanie Martinez-Mad Hatter

mad hatter, cry baby, and Lyrics image

12)Linkin Park-Good Goodbye

easel, music, and phases image

13)Thirty Seconds to Mars-Up in the Air

Hope you liked!!!!!!