29th January 2018

Hey guys! Today’s article is going to be on how to organise your life in one day, and again this sounds like a stretch but doing these things will PREPARE you for your life.


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If your surroundings are clean, then your life could feel more put together.


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This one is important as its not about cleaning something psychically, its about sorting out digital things as it is something you would carry around most likely all day and so you would want to get rid of apps you don’t need and delete some of your old notes and reminders.


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By this term I mean to minimise your clothing items, furniture’s and so on. This would allow you to have set number of items that you are able to piece with anything and it is less time consuming.


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This one I have sworn by for a long time as it helps me plan out things I need and make sure I'm not wasting time doing non-productive things. So, I suggest you invest in a planner or use an app like wunderlist to plan out your days, months and year.


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Routines are honestly life saviours as it makes me feel on track and make sure the day doesn’t turn bad as I'm doing things as planned and are a part of my routine.


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Everyone has something they work towards but not writing that down leads to a sense of forgetfulness and leads to the goal just being a thought therefore I would suggest writing it down somewhere you are able to see it.


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Everyone has those days were you just want to curl up on your bed and die however don’t make them mistakes I do and end up giving up. Learn from those bad days as life cant always be full of happiness or full of sadness, it will be a mixture of both so remember not everyday will be a bad days so when you do have one get up and prepare for the next day, making it a good one. \

That’s it for my article, I hope you enjoyed and it helped and if you need more advice or help or just want to talk message me and ill reply.

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