I'm going to share with you some songs I like.

Homoungous - Declan McKenna

boy, boys, and concert image

Golden age - Dan Luke and the Raid

aesthetic, art, and alternative image

Isombard - Declan McKenna

boy, green, and declan mckenna image

Reptilia - The strokes

free image

Mind - Declan McKenna

blue, boy, and clothes image

Salad Days - Mac Demarco

mac demarco image

Vienna - Billy Noel

city, travel, and architecture image

Heart of glass - Blondie

blondie, debbie harry, and music image

Say it ain't so - Weezer

flowers, aesthetic, and rose image

Let's dance to Joy Division - The Wombats

rain, love, and couple image

Uncomfortable - Wallows

dylan minnette, wallows, and the wallows image

Pleaser - Wallows

aesthetic, Lyrics, and teenage image

Where is my mind? - Pixies

sky, friends, and grunge image

Buddy Holly - Weezer

Marilyn Monroe, smile, and black and white image

Smells like teen spirit - Nirvana

nirvana, kurt cobain, and grunge image

Paracetamol - Declan Mckenna

brazil, paracetamol, and declan mckenna image

The kids don't wanna come home - Declan McKenna

declan mckenna image

My kind of woman - Mac Demarco

band, face, and musician image

Why do you feel so down - Declan McKenna

aesthetic, plants, and alternative image

Last Nite - The strokes

the strokes image

Life on mars? - David Bowie

david bowie and 70s image

Sleep in the heat - PUP

travel, nature, and mountains image

Lobby - Everett Bird

art, grunge, and shoes image

Red Eyes - The war on drugs

red, grunge, and aesthetic image

Wanted you - Twin peaks

Twin Peaks, twin peaks dudes, and twin peaks band image

Come as you are - Nirvana

grunge, nirvana, and kurt image

Chamomile - Walter mitty and his makeshift Orchestra

flowers, nature, and chamomile image

Africa - Toto

girl, vintage, and aesthetic image

Get it straight - Spendtime Palace

atardecer, cielo, and sonora image

Listen to your friends - Declan McKenna

declan mckenna image

Brazil - Declan McKenna

declan mckenna image

Make me your Queen - Declan McKenna

brazil, paracetamol, and declan mckenna image

Basic - Declan McKenna

declan mckenna image

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