Why I'm still writing about You?
You're my past and I'm still thinking about you.
Why? I don't know.
I don't love you anymore.
I have no feelings for you.
But sometimes I think about the old times and the feelings I had and this is what I miss so hard.
I miss the feeling of beeing loved from someone.
It's so stupid and maybe a bit childish but this is how I am.
These are my feelings and my thoughts.
And I want not longer to write love poems to you but you are my only experience and so I have to write about you.
Every time when I'm thinking about love I end up by you.
This makes me depressed but what should I do?
It's so hard.
I want someone who is not You!
I want to write about someone new.
I want to write not about my past.
I want to write about the here and now.
But I have nobody.
And for these reasons I must write about you.
I'm sorry.