my biggest fear is wasting my life. there are numerous things i dream of accomplishing in this lifetime, and while only some or even none of them may come true, i will try my hardest.

go to NYU and live it up in new york

college, lovely, and nyc image college, lifestyle, and new york image
in love with new york

travel absolutely everywhere

travel, world, and map image travel and passport image breakfast, paris, and food image jaisalmer image
wanderlust; get to know your home

become a screenwriter

screenwriting course, learn screenwriting, and screenplay program image fuck, play, and Hamlet image fifty shades darker image screenwriting course, screenplay program, and learn screenwriting image

study psychology, philosophy, and criminal psychology

notes, school, and study image Image removed art, drawing, and people image quote image
as you can tell im in love with human minds

fall in love

madison beer, couple, and jack gilinsky image couple, love, and goals image couple, love, and goals image love, quotes, and notes image
idk i mean isnt this anyones dream

build a house how i want it

book, library, and home image pool, photography, and style image arbitrary image bedroom, room, and home image
i want to live in a place that is me as a building

live spectacularly

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thats all for today !