My best chilhood friend was my first love.

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She is so small now.
And I hope she never grow up.

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I love her hair.
She is younger than me.
I love the way she never care about anything.

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She is more than a princess.
She is my princess, even she don´t like that.

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She is too cold sometimes.
She don´t like hugs in summer.

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She is not good in math but she have a great English.
She have a bunny.

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One day I thinked she don´t will come back.
She was just so lost and away from me.
And we have a lot of secrets that are too much to us.

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And I don´t use to trust in people.
But in you, I will trust forever.

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mhe xamha dhe Gerard Caminho e ven se meo Frank Iero

My best chilhood friend was my first love.

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