I think everybody deals with acne at least once in their teenage years, so I thought maybe you guys want some of my tips on how to deal with acne!
Disclaimer: Everybody has a different skin type, so it may happen that not every of these tips help you.

Built up a skincare routine

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I've talked about this before I assume, but it's just too important! A skin care routine will make your skin more clear (if the products work) and it will give your skin some rest since you're having a routine. But remember: less is more. You don't need tons of products for your skin. My skincare routine, as example, is starting with cleaning my face with some water and a mild soap. After that I use a toner (Tea Tree by Lush or the Body Shop) and I end with a moisterizer! That's it, and for me it works perfectly.

Stop touching your face

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Even if you just washed your hands with water and soap, don't touch your face. There are so many bacteries on your hand, under your nails. And your face, well, it doesn't like those bacteries so much.

Water, water, water

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Most basic tip ever but really your skin needs water just as mush as the rest of your body!! Your skin's thirsty too you know. Drink at least 8 cups of water a day, it helps not to break out.

Eat healthy

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Your skin doesn't like all those chocolate bars, cookies etc. Eating healthier will really help. & No, I'm not saying you can never eat a chocolate bar anymore but, just don't eat it all the time.

Don't use too much face make-up

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Foundation, concealer, powder: a no-go for a skin with acne. I know we all want to cover a pimple as soon as we notice one with layers of make-up, but that's exaclty what you shouldn't do. You can use it, just not every day and just not too much. Let your pores breathe!

Never forget to remove your make-up

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Just don't. It really is the worst thing to do. Even when you go a night out just remove your make-up after, your skin will thank you for it.

I really hope this works! Just remember that acne doesn't make you less beautiful. Really, it doesn't.

Have a good day! In case no one told you this today: You're beautiful & good enough.