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8.What are five passions you have?

1. Okay, my first and greatest passion, as I told you before, is to draw. More than anything else I specialize in manga, comics and cartoons. I love drawing as a child, and it is an activity that I practice every day in my free time. The only colors I use are the colored pencils and with those I can really do everything. I really like to blend and create lights and shadows, are the main elements that give life to the design in my opinion. I created characters all mine, and every day I represent them in my drawings giving life to a real story. I love drawing because through pencils I can express my emotions and my dreams. Drawing is a complete universe of fantasy and passion. I find it fantastic!

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2. My second passion is music. That is also an activity that I practice every day. Generally I am a person who appreciates any kind of music so I listen to many groups or singers of all kinds, from pop to rock, from metal to classical music, from Latin music to oriental music ... But if I have to choose a favorite genre, it is definitely the K-pop (Korean music). I love it, my absolute favorite group is BTS, a boy band of seven boys. Music is a company for me, sometimes it seems that it understands me and that it knows what my motions are in that exact moment. I think we could not live without music. Music is the poetry of the soul.

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3. My third passion is to read. Honestly it is a passion that I discovered recently. It all started when a book was given to me a few months ago. And from that moment on I have not stopped reading books. They too are able to transport you to a world completely yours, made only of beautiful things, the things you love the most. Usually I like poetry books more often because I often find myself in poems. Situations, habits, feelings, moods, I find them all in poems. At the same time it is a relaxing activity, it is very educational, it can learn to grow and get to know the world.

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4. My fourth passion is movies and cinema. I'm already starting to say that my favorite genre is horror movies. I like them very much for their atmosphere of anxiety and suspense. And then I really like the paranormal, so the horror is the kind made for me. However, I also like fantasy movies, adventure movies or adolescent movies . Sometimes slightly erotic films attract me too. And of course I love cartoons, especially the Disney ones. This is also a passion that allows me to dream of traveling with my mind, although I must say that this is one of the passion that I practice less often.

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5. My last passion is cooking. I do it practically every day. It all started because I had to learn how to do it since when it's time for a change my mom is not at home, so I would have to work for myself. From then on however, it has become a passion. What I like the most to cook are the desserts, but also pizzas and typical dishes of my country, Italian foods. I also like to cook for others, prepare delicious food for them to make them taste. Cooking gives me a sense of satisfaction, especially when the results are excellent.

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Well, I hope you enjoyed it, and maybe you could have an inspiration too. We'll talk to each other tomorrow.