girl, black, and suffer image

Once there was a girl
carrying the world's weight upon her shoulder
and her skin was covered
in black ink all over
her clothes were tainted with fingerprints
while her throat was being crushed
by evil and desperate hands

Kicked to the curb
left by herself
hearing the echoes of the words
the untrue and disgusting words
that were directed to her
all those years
all that time
all the suffer she endured
tasting like rust on her tongue

But this girl I'm telling you about
she was strong
she fought back
she learned her lesson
she did grow
and then she opened her eyes
realized that she is loved
grabbed the nearest hand
and then another
and then another one
until they all helped her
lift the weight from her shoulders

And with her hands free
oh, you should've seen her
she sank her claws so deep
in those evil hands suffocating her
they bled dry and let her go
those people hurting her
screamed and cried and yelled and shouted
but she did'nt hear a thing
because her ears were busy capturing
the whispers and words of love
of those around her
and there were so many
and they were so loud
that they filled the void
and muted the desperate screams
of those who don't matter

She is happy now
and her shoulders are light
and her skin is shining with the rays of a thousand suns
and her clothes are immaculate
and she breathes in and out without even thinking about it
and the only marks she carries are the ones above her lips
from laughing too hard and smiling too often
along those who love her

But, sometimes, for she has a good heart
and those things are hard to forget
she thinks about the hands that hurt her
and say a little prayer
asking they'll find peace
the same peace that she's soaked in
and if that's not possible
for some souls will never ever find peace
she asks that they can ever hurt another
the way they hurt her

And if, God forbid, they do
she prays they'll find the love and strenght
to rise themselves like she did
to find the help that they need
to fix the wounds that still bleed
to see that we all are just seeds
able to grow, to be good, to exceed

girl, health, and illustration image
Aline Semezzato (2018)

This poem belongs to me. Please do not copy or reproduce it anywhere without my consent.