"I told you, she's like that,
6 words, not more nor less.
She loves coffee,
not the one you buy in busy coffee shops,
but the one she makes herself in her kitchen, feeling groggy and lazy in the morning
she doesn't love blue eyes more than browns, but she's incredibly fascinated by deep ones
she likes staring at people's hands,
but just when they're not busy dealing with something
she's scared of blood,
and can't almost look at her veins,
but she likes to stare at them on someone else's skin,
looking like streets on a map
she likes silent and quiet people, but with the loudest minds
I told you, she's one of a kind"

This poem goes to all, ALL, girls.
Every kind of girls, to the ones who feel slightly insecure or weird and can't stand judgemental people and their harsh opinions: you're such a masterpiece it's a shame someone could even think of changing you small details.
To all girls who feel judgemental and address their opinions to these people you call "crazy": be curious, not judgemental. Start watching stuff from a different perspective. You'll let me know.
To all girls, who don't give a serious crap: keep up the good work, follow your path, I have a suspicion you'll do great.

(I actually wrote this poem. I know, anything dramatically beautiful, but I'll definitely appreciate it if you would give me credit for this if you decide to repost it anywhere, thankss)