My favourite songs of my childhood focussing on the High School Musical Soundtrack of all 3 movies. I hope you like the end i could list all of them. But then this article would be too long :)

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High School Musical (2006)

- What I’ve Been Looking For (Ryan & Sharpay)

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- Stick to the Status Quo (High School Musical-Cast)

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- When There Was Me and You (Gabriella)

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- Breaking Free (Troy & Gabriella)

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High School Musical 2 (2007)

- Work This Out (High School Musical-Cast)

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- I Don't Dance (Chad & Ryan)

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- Gotta Go My Own Way (Gabriella)

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- Everyday (Troy & Gabriella)

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High School Musical 3: Senior Year (2008)

- I Want It All (Ryan & Sharpay)

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- Can I Have This Dance? (Troy & Gabriella)

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- A Night To Remember (High School Musical-Cast)

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- Senior Year Spring Musical (High School Musical-Cast)

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- High School Musical (High School Musical-Cast)

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Which songs do you like the most? Let me know! And thank you so much for reading :)