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Do you know those days when you seem to have heard all the music you can and need new songs? Like even the song you love seems so boring, but you don't know what to listen to or where to find it.

Well, don't complain more because I'm about to give your three albums you probably don't know and you can listen to.

Here we go

  • Cinemaboy

Cinemaboy is the album of Cinemaboy. No, I'm not making fun of you all, it's the name of the artist. Cinemaboy is an Italian artist who partecipated in a talent show last year. He's 24 and he write English songs so you can easly understand.

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He's also known as #MikeBird. By the way, He worked with The Neighbourhood so if you like that kind of stuff, Cinemaboy is what you need in your life.

You can listen to it here ↓

  • Måneskin

Måneskin is an another Italian band competitor of X Factor Italia 11.
They have not yet released an album, but their single is super loved in Italy. I'm sure you'll like it too.

Måneskin means moonlight in Danish.

  • What U Do To Me

What U Do To Me is the album of Roshelle, the winner of X Factor Italia with Fedez as her coach two years ago (For those who didn't know, Fedez is Chiara Ferragni's boyfriend and future husband). Yeah, I know, another Italian artist but trust me, it's worth it!

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Here it is ↓

So yeah, this is it. I'm done for today! Hope you had/ have fun listen to those songs. Let me know you're impressions.

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