My Skin care tips to clear skin:
If anyone knows, I’m a broke uni student, who can’t afford spending my money on expensive skin care products. So I need new ways of making sure my skin still feels my love and appreciation at a low cost.
1. Washing my face.
I was my face with cold water at least twice daily, in the morning immediately after waking up and in the evening right before I go to bed. I do this in the morning to get rid of any sweat that might have built up and any germs I might have accumulated while tossing and tuning on my pillow as I slept. And at night as the last thing to wash away any build up of the day and also to make sure that when I sleep I don’t bring any more germs onto my pillow.
2. Using a natural cleanser
I use oats as my natural cleanser, and I do this step only once a week before I wash my face with cold water. The only ingredient is powdered oats(blended) and some water. I massage it into my skin and wash it off with lukewarm water. I then use cold water to close my pores.
3.air drying.
I let my face air dry instead of using any towels which will be rough on my skin, or even patting it dry to allow my face to first absorb any water it might need before it dries.
4. Moisturize
I use any facial moisturizer, so you can use one of your preference
5. makeup.
For those who apply makeup, this is the step you do. For me, I don’t apply makeup so I just let my face be as it is. I mostly don’t use makeup because I’m a “noob” when it comes to makeup and I don’t know how to apply it, but also because it seems like a lot of work, and for someone who is constantly running late, It’ll delay me even more. Another reason is because I’m constantly rubbing my face and eyes (bad habit, make sure you don’t do it….i need to learn how to stop)
6.avoid touching your face.
I’m a hypocrite, i touch my face all the time, and it’s a terrible thing to do. This is because you’re introducing germs that were on your hands from touching everything else onto your hands.
7.wash your face whenever possible.
If you can, during the day, splash some water onto your face and let it air dry. This will help prevent pimples from forming.
8. removing makeup and not letting it sit on for way too long.
Don’t leave your makeup on for many hours, because your skin needs to breath. As soon as you’re home, or you’re comfortable taking it off, do that. And make sure your skin is clean and free to breath. Do this by using a makeup remover and you can cleans eyour face using oats and washing it with cold water.
9. do what works for you.
If you feel that certain products work for you, you can choose to stick to them and use them religiously. Coz at the end of the day, you’re the only one who knows what exactly works on your skin.
10. drink a lot of water.
Make sure you’re taking enough water to keep your skin hydrated.
11. know your cycles.
Don’t’ get frustrated when stray pimples appear on your face right before your periods, because these are just cycle pimples and they’ll go before you know it. Another thing is knowing that sometimes, even after trying your best, some pimples might appear due to other reasons: hormonal imbalance, stress, or because of your diet.
For this: try eating healthy and reduce the stress in your life(you can do this by journaling, exercising or just finding someone to vent to)
12. for the love of your skin, don’t pop that pimple.
I know it can be oh so tempting to pop the new pimple that formed, but please don’t. let it go away on its own. This will help you avoid scarring.
13. use a scrub once a month.
I use an olive oil and sugar scrub only once a month, some times i use coconut oil instead of olive oil. This works for me because my skin is super sensitive and if I did it more often, my skin stars being red and not very pretty.
14. love your skin.

There’s so many things I’ve left out, but hopefully I’ll do a part two soon. I’d love to hear what tips you guys have and I’ll be sure to add them into my next article.
I’d really appreciate it if you heart and share this article <3
Lots of love, Salsa