You look so right in your hoodies and sweatshirts
So confident, yet you're obvious to it
My lips deceive me and form a smile when you're near
I can hardly see anything else around me

Your smile could light up a whole city
Those beautiful brown eyes are staring directly at me
What do I say?
My mind goes blank

I walk over to you
As you always do, you greet me with a smile
My legs are like jello, struggling to stand
I try to think of something I could say to interest you

I can't, your presence overwhelms me
It's no use pretending anymore
I think I'm in love
If only you felt the same way

Can I trust these feelings?
Do I trust myself enough to share them with anyone
Or will they forever be kept a secret
Only to be known by me?

couple, love, and goals image
Could this be us?