My Style

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I think my style is a mixture between Urban Outfitter, Brandy Melville, Vintage, K-Fsahion and French Style.


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My upper wear depends on the season.
For spring and summer I like to cover myself in cute Brandy and Urban Outfitters tops and oversized T-shirts and blouses.
My sprint feels flowy and girly but with a little edgy touch.
For the other seasons I wrap myself in oversized hoodies and sweaters.


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Levis 501

My style really depends on the season but I think one of my staples are defiantly Mom Jeans .
I discovered them one year ago and since then I can't live without them.
They fit perfectly to my slim but still curvy body type and make me look bomb.
Sadly, I wear ( for the most part ) Levi's 501s. Half of them are vintage and in varies colors.

Dr Martens

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Dr Martens

My Maman bought my first pair of Dr Martens when I was 13. I still own them and wear them out everyday.
In fact, I can style them with everything I like and I still look effortlessly cool.


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I do prefer on the other hand comfortability.
My dad, who is German, gifted me my first pair of Birkenstocks.
And for those who aren't German, before they became 'trendy' were they worn by the older generation since they are really good for your feed.


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Even if I like dressing up I dislike accessories.
For the most part I stick to my leather watch and cool fishnet tights or socks and my Fjallräven Kanken Backpack.


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Finally colors!! The only colors a wear throughout the year are red, black, white and yellow.

French Style

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Because of my french heritage I unconsciously dress really french.
I love red lipstick and I'm convinced that less is more.
My essentials are a leather jacket, a graphic Tee and a simple watch and my Beret .

Korean Style

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Since I'm really interested in the Korean culture lately I got inspired by their fashion.
I think they dress really different from the western culture and for some reason it really attracts me.

Hella Confidance

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To make my outfit even cooler and brighter I walk with a lot of confidence and a bright smile.
You should try it out.

What My Style Says About Me

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For the most part I feel connected to the earth and nature but still enjoy big cities.
I can't barely explain but I'm okay with that.
To sum it up, my style hasn't a actual name and probably isn't complete yet.
But still, it changes with my age and my mood and the event I go to.
Moreover do I love every single piece of my style. It reflects my soul and personality so it doesn't need a certain name nor does it have to fit into a box.

So don't stress yourself with finding your style. Just wear what ever you like and feel good about yourself no matter how crazy or odd it may look to others.

xo, Sophie