(This is written through assuming you're crushing on a guy but OF COURSE these will help if you're crushing on a girl too)

Situation: I have a crush on this guy/girl, but I'm way too nervous to try and approach him/her!

The classic situation that seems to have such a simple answer to, but in reality it's much harder said than done. So let's try going through this, step by step.

When trying to approach your crush, you have to make sure you know what he's like, because for all you know, he could be a racist, arrogant jerk behind his pretty face. So therefore, talking to him and communication is key. And who knows, maybe your crush will die out once you realize he is indeed not as charming as you thought.

At the same time you have to know that you can't just expect him to fall for you if you don't approach him and for try and start up some conversation. Especially if he didn't feel about you in the beginning. But you can indeed make him notice you and perhaps have feelings for you too.

1. Be yourself!
I know this one is super cliche, but seriously be yourself. Your crush will be able to distinguish whether you are showing your true colors or not, so be genuine. Besides, if you have to act like somebody you are not just to impress your crush, they're probably not the right ones for you.

Or maybe they are, but you are trying so hard to impress them by being somebody that they don't like. Who knows, maybe your true self is exactly their type. Plus, not being yourself and being someone else will simply make you miserable and going such lengths for someone isn't worth it.

2. Be approachable
Anyone will feel comfortable around people who let others feel comfortable around them. If you look and seem approachable, people will approach you.

Relax your shoulders, relax your face, put on a genuine smile and don't be afraid to look your crush in the eye as you give him/her a smile.

This immediately acts like an invitation and next thing you know, your crush is going to be making their way towards you. If you are a guy, you might need to be the one to approach the girl because a lot of the times, the girl will be more comfortable that way and she'll take the hint you want to talk to her.

3. Grow a pair
Everyone likes a bit of gut. Guys and girls alike. So while you're following the second step, don't be afraid to actually get a move on and approach them yourself.

So if you're sitting in class together, get started with a conversation. I'll leave some tips for conversation later on. If you are at a party, catch their eyes and make your way towards them with a smile. Try to put aside your shyness and open up a bit. That only makes you easier to talk to!

4. Greet them
This bit is particularly essential and there are many ways to do it. Many right ways and many right ways. And it depends on the personality of your crush.

You could either be direct and tell them you want to chat, or you could be a little subtle and steer your conversation in one direction. Like these lines:

- "Hi! I'm so sorry to bother you, but I was just wondering where you got this shirt/shoes/necklace from. My brother/sister's birthday is coming up and I still need to get them something" (subtle, smooth and convincing. Great to get conversation going)

- "What's such a pretty girl like you doing here?" (mostly for guys to use, but bold girls out there, go get um. Very direct and sometimes your crush might be a little uncomfortable. Try using humor after this for it works best)

- "Hi! I'm [insert random name]! It's great to meet you" (most ideal for classroom situations, but can be used in other situations. Very friendly too)

- "I'm honestly so bored right now. You don't mind if I hang around you for awhile too?" (you need to be quite confident for this one. And the conversation should start quickly!)

5. Converse with them!
Talk to them! As satisfying simply staring at them seems, chances are, they'll be incredibly uncomfortable. So after following the steps 2 and 3, you should be facing your crush by now, be it in class or at a party or maybe even in the hallways.

Remember to let yourself ramble a little. If you don't, the situation will end up awkward within seconds...yikes! Try some of these tips

Ask open ended questions. Not questions that require a yes or no answer. Questions like "What is the weirdest dream you've ever head?". "What is your favorite animal and why?". "If you could go anywhere for a year, where would you go?". This will keep the conversation running and you get to stare into their eyes while you're doing it without looking creepy! Yay!

Maintain eye contact. Looking elsewhere or away from their face is indication of disinterest or nerves. Your crush may think that you don't want to talk to them and will possibly try and end conversation!

Don't laugh at everything they say! By laughing at everything they say, they'll think that you are not opinionated and probably easy. Sometimes, they might even crack a joke even they think isn't funny, just to test you. So if you catch them saying something not funny or stupid, point them out. Not in a mean way. Joke about how terrible their joke was. This shows you are opinionated and that you aren't going to go with everything they say just because you like them.

Give your opinion. It's true! You may think that your crush doesn't care, but chances are they probably do. Or at least want to get to know you a bit. So give your opinion. If you are having a conversation about coffee, tell them which you prefer and why. This shows that you aren't scared to have your own opinion and are independent with your thoughts.

Ask for their opinion too! This shows you care about them and aren't self centered. Ask questions that base around "why" and "how". This means you want details and that you are actually interested. "When" and "Where" are good too! But try not to use them a little less than the first two. Overall, Definitely attractive.

Don't just "agree" with everything they say. This will make you appear boring and your crush might even be able to catch you're lying. Which is unattractive. Your crush won't ditch you because you like blue better than red. Or prefer roses over daisies. In fact, this will fascinate them and they might even tease you about it or begin to deepen the conversation and begin a debate! But at the same time, it shows that you have your preferences and likes and dislikes. And that is definitely a good thing!

Joke around! Humor is an immediate turn on for a lot of people. Crack some jokes. Laugh at jokes. Tell funny stories. Throw in some puns! Even if they are bad jokes, chances are your crush will laugh because they are that bad. Not ideal, but it's definitely earned you their attention!

Compliment them! While you should avoid over the top compliments every minute which will make you seem a little creepy, go with subtle compliments. So rather than complimenting on their looks (if they are very attractive, they are used to it and your compliment will be no different) try to compliment their personality or style. Talk about how much you like their shirt. Or how you find their humor great. Besides, a little flattering is never a bad thing.

Flirt a little. This is obviously not necessary, especially if your crush isn't one who appreciates flirting. But if they can take a little bit of flirty humor, go for it. Pick up lines (even super bad ones) and just general flirty humor is great and will make them laugh. And people love to be around people that make them laugh. Don't go over the top because it may be uncomfortable for your crush at one point. But a little flirting never hurt nobody.

End with invitation. Instead of saying "bye" try going with, "see you around" or "I'll talk to you later then". Tell them you had fun talking to them. Don't do it overly dramatically, but subtly enough so they appreciate it. This way, they'll begin to greet you through hallways and acknowledge you. YAY!

-Remember to try and not to delay telling them about your feelings because you might get friend-zoned. Yikes!
-If your crush is in a relationship PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not attempt to break them apart. It's not worth it

Situation: I have a crush on this guy/girl friend of mine, but I don't want to ruin our friendship by telling them!

This is probably one of the most mind-eating situations EVER. You have to acknowledge a few factors in advance though. If you guys are super close then yes, its very risky. But if you are super close there is like an 89% chance they feel the same way.

If you notice you are being continuously hurt by the fact they give romantic interest to others, you might need to do something about it. So try some of these tips:

Ask one of your other friends to ask him about how he/she feels about you. Try asking a friend that is close to them and maybe the same gender if they feel more comfortable talking about relationships and romance with the same gender.

Flirt a little more often than usual. This is a great hit dropper. And they might even flirt back!

Ask them about hypothetical situations. Ask them how they would react to a friend having feelings for them. If you are a little bold, make it a little obvious that you're the hypothetical friend.

There isn't much advise that can be offered for this one. If your friend is dating someone, avoid breaking their relationship and if they do break up, wait a little before confessing your feelings. If they have a crush on someone else and they are open about it with you, you shouldn't jump to confessing your love for them. Do it subtly and think things carefully. Are you willing to risk your friendship? If it's a no, you might wanna wait. But don't delay for too long. You might loose them in the process.

I hope this article helped you!
Best of luck loves!