Hello! Today I'm here to say few things. I want to remind you something...

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You are beautiful, inside and out. Every human is special and nobody have hair like you, nobody is kind like you, nobody can speak like you... You don't need to hide yourself. Show them that you're strong! People can talk whatever they want. So what if you have cheap clothes? So what if you have brown and not blue eyes? We all have mistakes.

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Think positive. Today is day to have fun, to reach goals. Why you need to spenf it crying in room? Break up with boyfriend? It will go. You don't have true friends? Go out and find some! Positive thing happen to positive people. Glass if half-full!

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Smile. What is better than smiling? Show people that nothing can breaks you. Smile and you'll feel better.

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Be yourself! If you like retro style, rock it! You don't have to change for other people. They aren't worth it.

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