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There will be a series of boys I like, but can never reach. Isn't it sad and weird to like someone who doesn't know you exist and lived far across the land. I always believe in such fairy tales will maybe probably happen in my life, but really this state of mind is kind of naive of me.

Well in this another series of boys that I like, there's this guy I adore the most than the rest of them. He makes my heart happy whenever I see him. Weird because at first I wasn't that attracted to him. And I swore to the universe I wouldn't like a person again who is out of my reach. But he came along, and I was litterally heartstrings all over again. He does this thing that makes my heart giddy and roll myself like a kid in bed. I like the way he smiles, the way he dance and sings his heart out, and how sweet he actually is. Honestly I have so many reason why I adore this person, but I can't really explain everything in words.

But then again I ask myself, why do I always fall for someone, who is the person I can always see on my computer screen but not in real life. Just like how I see the moon but can never actually go there, no matter how beautiful the moon is.

I really don't know him at all, what his real personality like, what kind of person he really is. But as far as I know, I like him for who he is, no matter how many flaws he may have.

And as far as I know again, there will always be every guy like him, who technically I can't even reach, and I can never hold on to, no matter how hard I try. Gosh can I just have a crush on ordinary guys!

But it's ok, he was never meant to be the center of my universe, just a really bright star on a secluded corner making my galaxy a little brighter.

I'm just really happy he exist. I wanted to say that he is really special and many people love him and he is not underappreciated. And I wanted to know him that he really makes me happy, not because I have a crush on him, because he makes someones world a brighter place.

I really hope someday somehow I can actually love someone like him.

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but i wish i can :)