1. Being with friends.
I don't mind being around happy or sad people. My friends make me feel alive, and like I have a purpose.
2. Finding new music.
I love finding new artists or even just a new song that I can really relate to. I like knowing that someone can understand me and explain it in words.
3. Food.
Being able to eat food without worrying about my weight. It's rare but not impossible. It happened once today.
4. Twenty One Pilots.
Listening to them, talking about them, looking at pictures of them, reading their lyrics. anything top related will cheer me up.
5. Flowers.
idk why. Yellow flowers, pink flowers, and white flowers especially.
6. Music in general.
singing along with words that mean nothing or mean something. it doesn't matter. one is a distracting and one is understanding. either one is great.
7. Sunlight
i like it when its sorta hot out side, and you can feel the warmth on your skin.
8. Dancing
Having fun just moving to music of different types. Feeling alive.
9. Drawing.
Im not very good, but putting effort and seeing it pay off feels pretty good.
10. Doing hair.
idk this is sorta weird, but it just relaxes me so much. like braiding hair is really satisfying.