Hi hearters!

I've wanted to write this article for some time now
I'm from Mexico so my first language is spanish, I learned english when I was six years old thanks to all the disney movies that I use to watch, since I was a kid I just enjoyed the english language and I always kept in touch with it, from movies, to music, sitcoms, then I just moved to tumblr where I started writing in english too, not just reading or listening.

I've always been fascinated by the english language from their expressions, to their words and even the word play is so much fun and witty, I've realized along the years english has some very specific words for feelings or just objects in general, and I love that very much

for example in spanish the word extraño has different meanings depending on the context of the conversation , it can mean:

  • I miss you / te extraño
  • That was weird / Eso fue extraño
  • It was some stranger / Era un extraño

So... today I'm sharing my favorite words with you and the reason behind why I like them ♡


To accept something enthusiastically
palm trees, pink, and summer image couple, city, and light image flowers and pink image beach, girl, and summer image
This word is so beautiful to me, it makes me think of all those quotes that tell you to embrace life, the word embrace makes me think of something warm, it feels like a hug, with confidence and positive vibes


Very happy
sunflower, flowers, and yellow image yellow, aesthetic, and guitar image flowers, yellow, and indie image girl, autumn, and fall image
The meaning may be simple but I just love the fact that is one word that indicates more happiness, unlike spanish with muy feliz or muy alegre


Very beautiful or pleasant
blue, house, and flowers image flowers, pretty, and roses image nature, spider, and water image flowers and love image
I love to use this word to describe things, beautiful just simply isn't enough sometimes :)


A small decorative object
paris, flowers, and france image letters, photography, and postcards image aesthetic, vintage, and pearls image books, classic, and graceful image
idk if its english but I know engish speakers use it, a tchotchke is the things that aren't really useful but are pleasent to look at and we can't just throw out


Caring more for what other people need and want rather than for what you yourself need and want
aesthetic, coffee, and food image Image removed pearls, white, and aesthetic image pink, aesthetic, and flowers image
Such a wonderful thing to be, I love this word its so especific and positive


Difficult to fight against / very great or very large
butterfly, aesthetic, and theme image green, nature, and road image cigarette, smoke, and car image girl, train, and travel image
I find this word very useful to express how im feeling


A place or thing that is bright and pleasant and makes you feel positive and happy
girl, car, and hair image fun and light image fun, naked, and summer image girl, flowers, and indie image


To grow bigger than or too big for something
rose, flowers, and white image gif image flowers image flowers image
I love this word so much we simply don't have something like that in my language, and it's very useful to explain moving on from people or places


Without stopping or without interruptions
girl, pale, and photography image flowers, nature, and photography image flowers, girl, and run image Image removed
such an useful adjective :)


Unusual in an attractive and interesting way
aesthetic, alone, and horror image flowers, window, and teapot image aesthetic, alternative, and beach image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
I just love this word, people should use it more, it also has a cute sound to it


To move upwards
pale and pink image theme, flowers, and nature image bts, jimin, and jungkook image boots, indie, and flowers image
also a powerful and positive word, it makes me think of getting back up, fighting and conquering


smooth and soft, or not too sharp, bright, new, or rough
blue, summer, and ocean image love, couple, and train image flowers, car, and vintage image sea, summer, and ocean image
makes me think of soft feelings, tranquil spaces and nice moments


Gentle, loving, or kind
flowers, aesthetic, and rose image flowers, aesthetic, and pink image blossom, cherry blossom, and flower image love, kiss, and couple image
such a beautiful word makes me think of rays of sunshine, love and the color pink


Event, action, or story seeming to be something positive and good and therefore causing feelings of pleasure and happiness
flowers, aesthetic, and red image girl, teenager, and love image eyes, eye, and brown image mountains, photography, and travel image


Very attractive, in a mysterious way, making you want to keep looking
yellow, rose, and flowers image rainbow, hands, and grunge image beach image light, vintage, and room image