I have had my fair shares of winning moments when it comes to giveaways and contests, so today in hopes of helping out my fellow giveaway enthusiasts, I’m sharing with you some of my secrets. Well not really secrets but these things definitely contributed with my success. LOL this looks like I’m talking about how to chase your dreams.

1. Join as much giveaways/contests as possible. It’s true that the higher the entries, the higher the chances of winning. If you joined five contests, you might win at least one of them. You can search ongoing giveaways by literally looking up the hashtag giveaway on Twitter and Instagram. Just make sure you keep a tab on all the contests you’ve joined so you don’t miss the announcement of winners.

2. You must follow all the rules. Those people hosting the giveaway really do check if you follow their rules. There was this one time when the winner got disqualified because she didn’t follow the rules so they had to pick another winner.

3. Create a separate account if you plan to join a lot of giveaways. With this account, don’t just post giveaways entries. Post other stuff too so it doesn’t look like a giveaway account. The reason why you should make a separate account is because you will annoy the shiz out of your friends if all you post about are your giveaway entries.

4. If it’s a contest where you have to answer a question, be creative and witty. Chances are there will be loads of entries and the host will never be able to get through all of them. You have to make your answer stand out. Be funny. Also try to get as much likes as you can even if it’s not required, it helps in making your comment stay on top.

5. Be active on social media. Try to like/retweet as much post of them as possible. This way, they will be aware of your account and you’ll get their attention. You might win because of your strong engagement. That’s basically the main reason why they hold these giveaways anyway, to give back to people that support them.