This is my personal tips on dealing with anxiety or a generalized anxiety disorder

1. Establish a routine
make a routine that makes you feel happy. Whether this be in the morning or before bed do as many things as you can to lessen or distract your mind from your anxiety.

Whether its exercising or just having something to fidget with, physical activity can take away from your anxiety because your focus is pulled to that certain activity. This could also apply to doing some artwork

3.Balance your time
Its always good to hangout with a friend that makes you laugh, but it also can be helpful to take a breather and focus on you. That might mean staying in on a night you feel overwhelmed. Balancing your time can help keep you in a stable mindset.,write, or listen to music
when you feel overwhelmed try finding an outlet like writing or just talking to purge all the built up anxiety into. Dance around, yell, throw around your pillows. Do something to release some of the built up tension

5.Hang out with your pets
Sometimes you just need a good snuggle with your pet, or maybe take your dog for a walk and get some fresh air. I know that when people are stressing me out and my anxiety's bad hanging with my dog makes me feel better.